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Was it all good to the point you were mistaken
Or was it so fucked up you didn’t care to fake it
Still tryin’ to balance empty with not vacant
In a room full of last nerves and straight faces
Lust, drugs, money, chores
Enough to pass out, wake up and want more
My friend, you’re messin’ with a force of nature
Not a brand new form of savior

You climb up walls of make-up, nose-dive into the same cup,
Cut throats and smile at danger
You’re no Ms. Granger, but your disappearing act’s down pat
A last defense, where they only crown men
And when there’s nothin’ left to prove
There’s only time, reputation, and face to lose
Grays and blues, nobody wants to play the tool
But you’ll need a few if you’re gonna make your move

Somehow this went down from Young & Impressive
To fightin’ for the lead on the Drunk & Restless
Blairin’ Bob Dylan, punk-rock, and Hendrix
So loud, we don’t speak, we just text it
So proud, we don’t greet, we just gest it
Somehow, we all meet, but stay disconnected
Build fences off’a dead friendships
Get intoxicated instead of pretendin’
Holla when it’s convenient
But don’t follow, make believe you’re leadin’
And not alone, control was never ours to keep, kid
Don’t act like losin’ it’s a weakness
Let go, find chase, grab the hardest pill to swallow
Awake until midnight kills tomorrow
Meet me where it’s flames and blades
And the time’s too late to save

Disbelieve it, disbelieve it
I don’t told you disbelieve it
When the evening keeps singin’ all hype
But who could blame ya
In a basement
Where the faces
Go nameless
Familiar stranger
Could ya take it
Caught between peace, love, and bar fights
You’ll find me ridin’ on my bike with a deathwish
Drinkin’ poison until the remedy’s invented
Feelin’ the love in this weekend relationship
Of setbacks and prior engagements
It burns bright and survives a dim glow
As the iPods and stereo’s singin’ Billy Joel
Bleedin’ through windows, wakin’ the wee hours
Layin’ paste between ringtones and drunk speed dials

It’s settin’ in like a shot of epinephrine
More anxious than a question of fittin’ in
Fast sex the same night as the first kiss
Restin’ on the whim of the uncertain
Servin’ brief smiles and nicotine clouds
Ego’s releasin’ beefin’ with freestyles
Holdin’ onto everything we can’t let go
Goodbye within the moment we said hello




from Breathing Without A Pulse, released December 6, 2011
Vocals & Lyrics by Toussaint Morrison
Keys by Linden Killam
Percussion by Spencer Austin
Guitar by Todd Bordewick
Bass by Alex "Ralph" Bennett

Recorded in Minneapolis, MN



all rights reserved


The Blend Minneapolis, Minnesota

A nationally touring group of misfits making sound wherever beckoned, The Blend dominated the midwest pioneering hip-hop and rock in the same breath from dingy basement rock shows to capacity hip-hop shows. Now, their fate unknown having disbanded for several years, Linden Killam and Toussaint Morrison continue the group's legacy of unconventional, top tiered sound. ... more

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