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Wish You Would

from by The Blend

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I told her I wanna feel the gravity against my shoulders
Enough to leave a footprint on the street corner
I want my old heart stitched in over the old scars
And wage war with the night until the streetlights go dark
Came to a quick death from a slow start
Once my mornin’ sun, now my old spark
Somehow we still connect ‘cos I guess she’s knows me best
Not ‘cos she’s from Minneapolis or the fact that she’s my ex

Maybe it’s because we can reinvent what’s left
Of good things lost to senseless arguments
Like our parents- Now that it’s done, it’s all fairness
Whether or not the past is apparent
I would call her queen, but I don’t wanna give her that upper-grip
Seein’ the coffeeshop’s the only place we co-exist
We know the script, but improve communication
Like free-versin’ over Thelonius and Miles Davis

She doesn’t need the ground ‘cos she’s her own foundation
And she holds her people down like cigarettes and conversation
As we sit, once again, caffeinated at a table
Gazin’ aimless and unable to explain
How I’m starin’ at heaven, but I’m feelin’ like hell
Standin’ on earth under the same spell
She’s beautiful as the Boston Commons
Can’t ya tell, can’t ya tell
Queen without a crowd and she’s queen without
And when she leaves me, she leaves me without
Beautiful as she is honest
Can’t ya tell, can’t ya tell
It was a good lookin’ guy with a good lookin’ gal
Walkin’ down the street singin’ “Can’t Ya Tell”
They hold together like this moment almost never came
And coulda swore that they would first wither and fade
Together again, and not because it’s usual
But because it feels like they’re swing dancin’ to a musical
With traffic so immovable it’s singin’ in the streets
And homeless hands on drums somehow supply the beat

And they’re happy- and maybe that’s all you really need
Along with groceries, house keys, bicycles and coffee
Anything to keep you movin’ through this Rubic’s Cube
Like watchin’ these two give words commute with undisputable truth
She tells him when I look at you I wanna carve your name in my skin
So when I lose my mind, I’ll never forget
Y’see both her parents are schizophrenic
And in the natural selection of genetics, she’s next to get it

So as the chemicals in her brain begin to twist
The subtle details of reality, her brain begins to miss
Her pragmatic castle shattered broken
Fragments of rational thought float in an ocean of serotonin
Like scattered branches skatin’ the surface of Lake Huron
Retracin’ a path against the current of neurons
Dismembered memories of how she once held him
Standin’ like a tree beneath her cerebellum

And crazy goes hand-in-hand with “I love you”
They don’t take sane for granted because taking leads to trouble
They breathe with ease and pace like a city breeze
If they can handle schizophrenia then I can handle coffee
And now my heart’s offbeat from the music outside
She’s shootin’ me down with those brown eyes
Had no clue I was fallin’ ‘til ya cut me
There’s nothin’ left, but to smile and just breathe


She doesn’t have a cuss jar, she has a bottle of Jack
And she can walkaway from a car wreck and not look back
They call her crazy because they’re afraid of her confidence
And she never says maybe ‘cos she’d rather move on with it
Her lawlessness is her common sense
Gravity gets lost when her sanity walks off the cliff
And I’ve been to the bottom with her
She sacrificed her mind climbin’ out instead’a me havin’ to help to lift her

Break-ups aren’t convenient as relationships
And she’s mastered the art of not taken shit
Weathered by disappointments and bad boyfriends
She bends for no one, her back is jointless
And her spine, like the pillar of the Ottoman Empire
Can split a smile while her eyes set fire
An uncommon goddess, unattainable as the wind
Speaks her words like a promise, not a thang to gain or give

Wields her fists like bricks, gunshots don’t make her flinch
Eyes that hath no end, I never know where to begin


from Breathing Without A Pulse, released December 6, 2011
Vocals & Lyrics by Toussaint Morrison
Keys by Linden Killam
Percussion by Spencer Austin
Guitar by Todd Bordewick
Bass by Alex "Ralph" Bennett

Recorded in Minneapolis, MN



all rights reserved


The Blend Minneapolis, Minnesota

A nationally touring group of misfits making sound wherever beckoned, The Blend dominated the midwest pioneering hip-hop and rock in the same breath from dingy basement rock shows to capacity hip-hop shows. Now, their fate unknown having disbanded for several years, Linden Killam and Toussaint Morrison continue the group's legacy of unconventional, top tiered sound. ... more

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