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Breathing Without A Pulse

by The Blend

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released December 6, 2011

Vocals & Lyrics by Toussaint Morrison
Keys by Linden Killam
Percussion by Spencer Austin
Guitar by Todd Bordewick
Bass by Alex "Ralph" Bennett

Recorded in Minneapolis, MN



all rights reserved


The Blend Minneapolis, Minnesota

A nationally touring group of misfits making sound wherever beckoned, The Blend dominated the midwest pioneering hip-hop and rock in the same breath from dingy basement rock shows to capacity hip-hop shows. Now, their fate unknown having disbanded for several years, Linden Killam and Toussaint Morrison continue the group's legacy of unconventional, top tiered sound. ... more

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Track Name: Both Sides Of The Bill
The one word
You been tryin’ to find
Lives on the lips
Of the kid that ya kissed goodbye
Don’t ask me where he’s headed
Or where the hell he’s comin’ from
The world spins one way- figure it out for yourself
Take note and follow along

And ya can’t go, can’t go,
Can’t go, can’t go wrong
This life ain’t fo, ain’t fo
Ain’t fo, ain’t fo long
I’d love to help ya out,
But good advice ain’t for free
Love to help ya out,
But you won’t take advice from me
Now, some are gonna stick around
Some are gonna leave the fight
Some are gonna go
To the place ya go when ya close your eyes
Don’t ask me where it’s headed
Or where the hell its all comin’ from
The world spins one way
Figure it out for yourself take note and follow along

And ya can’t go, can’t go,
Can’t go, can’t go wrong
This life ain’t fo, ain’t fo
Ain’t fo, ain’t fo long


And ya can’t go, can’t go,
Can’t go, can’t go wrong
This life ain’t fo, ain’t fo
Ain’t fo, ain’t fo long
Track Name: Casiola (feat. Drissola)
Don’t say you runnin’ things when you don’t ever run the mic
Gossip in the grain, I heard your girlfriend runs your life
And it dudn’t take a grapevine to see it,
But with you on stage it takes a few drinks to feel it

Matter fact, pass the jack, no chaser
Emcees like you make me wanna hit the mind eraser
I been runnin’ through the veins of the game like IV
You got words, you email’em then ya forward’em
I got words and I’ll take’em to your doorstep
Aside from that, what I’m sayin’s what I’m sayin’
And you didn’t hear shit ‘cos this ain’t a conversation

I watch sound engineers balance volume with love and hate
Between a slow kiss and a bruised face
Between a rock band and a fucked up place
Appreciation makes up for the lack of pay
And when it doesn’t, the truth gets questioned
The memory wears the heart empty to a weapon
It’s hard to make the call when Minneapolis doesn’t have the reception
I hung up before the disconnection- on tour
Rockin’ on that Casio
Rockin’ on that Casio
Rockin’ on that Casio
Rockin’ on that Casio
(Drissola Verse)


Crack-rock-smack talk you couldn’t back-up
Na homie, I don’t slang it, but I do crack rocks
You’re takin’ steps, but they ain’t in my direction
I’ll leave your crew more black and blue than Cadillac Records
So for the record while you’re singin’ “hands up”
I’ll be pissin’ on a parkin’ ticket while I smack cops
You don’t want a confrontation so you peaceful protest it
As I put the Molotov cocktail in your agenda

Yeah, your arm-chair’s liberal
I ain’t even got an arm chair in my living room
Get your goons, tell’em that the smoke break’s over
And I’ll give your job back when ya spend a day sober
This ain’t amateur hour, this is bar closin’
This ain’t your average Joe, this is the King Cobra
I run this Starship, you can tell your people
If they have any questions they can take it up with Johnny Rico

Got my enemies closer than two degrees
Told the chief if he needs back-up then he can google me
Now, you know enough to flush it through the gossip
Get back to work and get the hell out of my office

Track Name: Sex
Was it all good to the point you were mistaken
Or was it so fucked up you didn’t care to fake it
Still tryin’ to balance empty with not vacant
In a room full of last nerves and straight faces
Lust, drugs, money, chores
Enough to pass out, wake up and want more
My friend, you’re messin’ with a force of nature
Not a brand new form of savior

You climb up walls of make-up, nose-dive into the same cup,
Cut throats and smile at danger
You’re no Ms. Granger, but your disappearing act’s down pat
A last defense, where they only crown men
And when there’s nothin’ left to prove
There’s only time, reputation, and face to lose
Grays and blues, nobody wants to play the tool
But you’ll need a few if you’re gonna make your move

Somehow this went down from Young & Impressive
To fightin’ for the lead on the Drunk & Restless
Blairin’ Bob Dylan, punk-rock, and Hendrix
So loud, we don’t speak, we just text it
So proud, we don’t greet, we just gest it
Somehow, we all meet, but stay disconnected
Build fences off’a dead friendships
Get intoxicated instead of pretendin’
Holla when it’s convenient
But don’t follow, make believe you’re leadin’
And not alone, control was never ours to keep, kid
Don’t act like losin’ it’s a weakness
Let go, find chase, grab the hardest pill to swallow
Awake until midnight kills tomorrow
Meet me where it’s flames and blades
And the time’s too late to save

Disbelieve it, disbelieve it
I don’t told you disbelieve it
When the evening keeps singin’ all hype
But who could blame ya
In a basement
Where the faces
Go nameless
Familiar stranger
Could ya take it
Caught between peace, love, and bar fights
You’ll find me ridin’ on my bike with a deathwish
Drinkin’ poison until the remedy’s invented
Feelin’ the love in this weekend relationship
Of setbacks and prior engagements
It burns bright and survives a dim glow
As the iPods and stereo’s singin’ Billy Joel
Bleedin’ through windows, wakin’ the wee hours
Layin’ paste between ringtones and drunk speed dials

It’s settin’ in like a shot of epinephrine
More anxious than a question of fittin’ in
Fast sex the same night as the first kiss
Restin’ on the whim of the uncertain
Servin’ brief smiles and nicotine clouds
Ego’s releasin’ beefin’ with freestyles
Holdin’ onto everything we can’t let go
Goodbye within the moment we said hello


Track Name: 5th Battalion
I don’t wanna tell’em that this is as good as it gets
And if ya die today, then right now is all that you get
You’re lucky if you can find the good in the good-for-nothin’
And gain somethin’ outta losing control
We’d all love to point the gun in a different direction
Either way we’re all starin’ down the barrel
It ain’t the end of the world
But it feels like the sun’s burnin’ out
Ya can’t explain it with words
But it feels like you’re screamin’ out loud
It’s easy to say “live and let die”
If you got livin’ to lose
This world only makes sense
When you force it to

…and find a way
Do you remember starin’ out the door window of the principal’s office
Watching all the other kids smile and laugh- wishing you had their happiness
On the other side of a wall, waitin’ for somebody’s judgment
To tell us where we made a wrong turn and what to fix
Felt like fate was in anyone else’s hands but our own
They’d tell ya not to cut, but wouldn’t teach ya how to sew

Track Name: OMFG
You’re never gonna get another chance just like this
Whether or not you like it
Put it right, put it wrong
Find somethin’ to put it on
You shoutin’ help beneath the ground
Through the ceiling, now hear the sound
This isn’t vote or die for someone else’s highness
I gave the rich a slow goodbye without silence
Your high-class politics don’t define shhhh
I’m famous as Satan- bitch, and I ain’t even signed yet
You say thing’s are gonna change, but ya don’t know how
Ya say someday, but you won’t say now


Track Name: DearDeerView
I tie the laces to my shoes the same as any afternoon

And set foot between the walls and your halls and deserted rooms
What’s up kids, I’m here to speak at your alternative school
Seems your luck don’ got you stuck in academic servitude
With less than words to use or choose, a lot more than nerves to lose
It’s cool to turn pissed when your teacher’s a stern prick
Skip class and hit more pipes than Bob Burnquist
Taught ya to accept the phrase that life isn’t a game
While the future warden’s blueprintin’ prisons in your name

He’s in the high school next door top’n the test scores
With nothin’ to stress for except the gas in daddy’s Escort
Born on third base and coulda swore he hit a triple
Workin’ with a full drumkit, while all ya got is a cymbal
Oh, you’d love to take it to’em for all that you been through
Between a rock and a principal’s office- Los in limbo
Tell me, was it your childhood dream to put on a mask
And give a lap or a tap dance for somebody else’s cash

Makes you wanna cut until you hit a vein
Makes you wanna stand up for the words sittin’ in your brain
But you can’t take the master’s house with tools from the master’s toolshed
You’ll have to paint without your whites, blues, or reds
Until the day you drop out or graduate
Enjoy the free sandwich out the b-b-b-b-b-b-bag
I don’t wanna see another genius defeated
‘Cos someboday taught’em lies as a f-f-f-f-f-f-fact

Life’s a freestyle, go on and make it up
Skateboardin’, smokin’ and breakin’ stuff
Skateboardin’, smokin’ and breakin stuff
Fresh out of 38th st. with love
If the day’s a wage
And life is war
What are you alive for

Now, ‘cos I stay where I’m from
Don’t mean that I ain’t gon’ come up
‘Cos I grow where I’m from
Planted where I stand- planted where I stand
If you’re from where I’m from then give it up
Where either your dad’s a drunk or your dad doesn’t give a-
Maybe he’s both like mine, only good for puttin’ forth
And great example of a father that I’d never like to be
Family’s turn to jail cells and even pickin’ locks can’t help
Nobody’s listenin’, so you have to fight to speak
Light a fire to make’em see, runaway to prove a point
Grab a blunt, a spray can and a black to steal some joy

We feel destroyed for nothin’ in a battle of decoys
In a lost culture, forgotten B-girls gave birth to B-boys
We leave a void in the presence of authority
The history they don’t teach is their way of avoidin’ it
Now, as the schoolhouse rocks steady with hegemony
It makes you wonder if unemployment has a pre-destiny

You rest your eyes upon anywhere else
And set your heart on everything outside yourself
Detention-daydreamin’ of pieces fittin’ the frame
Urban romances, slow dancin’, kissin’ in the rain
Lovely livin’ the day without riskin’ a thing
For someone to look you in the eye and listen to what you say
But you’re lost and forgot who you’re explainin’ yourself to
Alternative to what? And alternative to who?

(Yes, you’re now listenin’ to the undermined, blue collar, workin’-class sounds of The Blend. Ladies and gentlemen, b-boys and b-girls please unlearn while you can.)


Get free or get a degree
Or get both and hope to God you don’t end up like me

A twenty-somethin, good for nothin’, gum bumpin’, bar jumpin’
Non-student-loan-payment-makin’, coffeeshop-slumpin
Broken-home representative in the land of Longfellow
Survivalist or not? That depends on what you call ghetto
Workin’-class, blue collar, failure amongst scholars
Urban program, suspended, left behind condemned to follow
Had ya tracked since smokin’ packs at recess
Called up the summer school and they save your seat and desk

Now, if ya got it then get into it
They’d rather see ya high-strung out on depressants and stimulants
Than addicted and hooked-on Malcolm and Marx
It starts with a shout in the dark- they wonder why we yell
When they don’t listen, we stop listenin’ to ourselves
Wanderin’ hallways and monotonous class schedules
Left to speak through silence and reverse psychology
It’s like these teachers are getting’ hired and paid and praised to fuck with me

There’s no luckily, there’s no duck and weave
Advisors advise ya to chillax and just breathe
To kill your questions, to erase your anger
To unboil your heart, to sanitize your language
Upon these moments, do not dare be hesitant
For the beast will leave you in the realms of irrelevant
Ranked by class grades when already eminent
So all the school can do for you is insult your intelligence

College students hold discussion groups of what you’re goin’ through
But never wanna hold a discussion about their own shoes
Letter to the editor, professor and principal
Don’t fuck with a mind state that you haven’t been to
Don’t fuck with a culture that you don’t live through
Taking authority from a situation you don’t give to
These words and expectations run adjacent
Until you’re educatin’ how the rich stay rich

Dear, Deerview- please check the rearview
And keep an eye on where these snakes try and steer you
Well, it’s been a fine visit on this rhyme clinic
Enjoy your day in RedWing, it’s been a fine visit

And there’s no such thing as kings
It’s just a term invented by men to undermine queens
Have a nice day in class…
Track Name: III
Joe Sodd the third
Couldn’t get it out my head, or get it off my chest, so I wrote it on my shirt
It’s kinda funny bein’ human nowadays,
I can feel the minutes swimmin’ relay races through my veins, but
If death wants to flirt
She can find me at Sadies dancin’ with taxes and every other common curse
I cut the grin, she drops the smirk
We save the talk ‘cos we both know she’s crazy like a fox
And not worth a promise first if I can’t even promise earth
That I’ll be back every time my shoes lift off the dirt

Love your life and it’ll love you back… sure
I’ll hold to that as much as gravity’s just a word
Because to learn how to fly, you gotta learn how to fall
And if you can stick the landin’ then you can fool’em all
Y’see the queens in recess never needed kings or crowns
They could freeze tag a game of kickball because they owned the crowd
I outran the herd and only slowed down to walk my grandma to church
She tells me stories of family fire and madness
I tell her keep it real, she tells me keep it Irish Catholic

And it’s that quick between a woman’s Sunday best
And I kid tryin’ to tame a Sunday mess
In urban warfare courtin’ cold stares
And crotch grabbin’ but it doesn’t mean you’ve grown a pair
You’re only 1 in an equation of these avenues active factors
Building with addition by subtraction
Kacklackin’ contraptions, slightly shy of dien’ laughin’
Cryin’ and smiling; for the same moment passin’
Excuse me while I close my eyes
Turn off the headlights and blow through this stop sign
You wanna find out what’s meant to be
Well, let me show you how to let go of everything
Excuse me while I close my eyes
Turn off the headlights and blow through this stop sign
You wanna find out what’s meant to be
Well, let me show you how to let go of everything
His gun shook like his confidence when he told me hands up
While hip-hop was hand in hand with hip-hop in handcuffs
By then I’d had enough and let the hammer drop
Pulled the machine loose ‘cos Minneapolis or not
This town can catch fire for all I care
So put your cigarette lighters and spray cans in the air
This goes to those huffin’ happiness out the zip loc
For the fallen bridges a governor couldn’t lift up

This goes to those who’ve been to the bottom of the bag
And’ve been back to take another drag
See I can spell addiction with four letters
I’ll show you how, but you’ll have to pour another beverage
It gets worse just before the good weather
So, me laughin’ at the rain- that’s just for good measure
Sometimes ya grin just to look clever
And that’s ok, ‘cos I only do it when I’m outta leverage

Understand the circumstances won’t get acceptance
So if there’s any last bullets and words- how ‘bout you send’em
See we can stare and grin and countdown the seconds,
But even death in old westerns didn’t get a moment’s preface
So, by the time ya gotta call the New Avengers,
They’ll be shootin’ messages through the messengers
You never expected it’d all come back to par
And the balance would return like the Hulk from Sakaar

Well, I’m here. Listenin’ to the wind kiss the trees
Sometimes mistook for sewage flowin’ underneath the streets
In a blink of this war, I could’ve swore for sure
I saw Joe Sodd the Third bikin’ around the corner


Hello Joseph, today the summer sun was shinin’ bright
But somehow the city fell frozen
You can see the traffic weave and the stoplights change colors
But for what if the earth stop movin’
Somethin’ must be missin’, somethin’ must be missin’
Somethin’ must be missin’, somethin’ must be missin’
Somethin’ must be missin’, somethin’ must be missin’
Somethin’ must be missin’, somethin’ must be missin’
Somethin’ must be missin’, somethin’ must be missin’
Somethin’ must be missin’, somethin’ must be missin’
Somethin’ must be missin’, somethin’ must be missin’
Somethin’ must be missin’…
Track Name: Wish You Would
I told her I wanna feel the gravity against my shoulders
Enough to leave a footprint on the street corner
I want my old heart stitched in over the old scars
And wage war with the night until the streetlights go dark
Came to a quick death from a slow start
Once my mornin’ sun, now my old spark
Somehow we still connect ‘cos I guess she’s knows me best
Not ‘cos she’s from Minneapolis or the fact that she’s my ex

Maybe it’s because we can reinvent what’s left
Of good things lost to senseless arguments
Like our parents- Now that it’s done, it’s all fairness
Whether or not the past is apparent
I would call her queen, but I don’t wanna give her that upper-grip
Seein’ the coffeeshop’s the only place we co-exist
We know the script, but improve communication
Like free-versin’ over Thelonius and Miles Davis

She doesn’t need the ground ‘cos she’s her own foundation
And she holds her people down like cigarettes and conversation
As we sit, once again, caffeinated at a table
Gazin’ aimless and unable to explain
How I’m starin’ at heaven, but I’m feelin’ like hell
Standin’ on earth under the same spell
She’s beautiful as the Boston Commons
Can’t ya tell, can’t ya tell
Queen without a crowd and she’s queen without
And when she leaves me, she leaves me without
Beautiful as she is honest
Can’t ya tell, can’t ya tell
It was a good lookin’ guy with a good lookin’ gal
Walkin’ down the street singin’ “Can’t Ya Tell”
They hold together like this moment almost never came
And coulda swore that they would first wither and fade
Together again, and not because it’s usual
But because it feels like they’re swing dancin’ to a musical
With traffic so immovable it’s singin’ in the streets
And homeless hands on drums somehow supply the beat

And they’re happy- and maybe that’s all you really need
Along with groceries, house keys, bicycles and coffee
Anything to keep you movin’ through this Rubic’s Cube
Like watchin’ these two give words commute with undisputable truth
She tells him when I look at you I wanna carve your name in my skin
So when I lose my mind, I’ll never forget
Y’see both her parents are schizophrenic
And in the natural selection of genetics, she’s next to get it

So as the chemicals in her brain begin to twist
The subtle details of reality, her brain begins to miss
Her pragmatic castle shattered broken
Fragments of rational thought float in an ocean of serotonin
Like scattered branches skatin’ the surface of Lake Huron
Retracin’ a path against the current of neurons
Dismembered memories of how she once held him
Standin’ like a tree beneath her cerebellum

And crazy goes hand-in-hand with “I love you”
They don’t take sane for granted because taking leads to trouble
They breathe with ease and pace like a city breeze
If they can handle schizophrenia then I can handle coffee
And now my heart’s offbeat from the music outside
She’s shootin’ me down with those brown eyes
Had no clue I was fallin’ ‘til ya cut me
There’s nothin’ left, but to smile and just breathe


She doesn’t have a cuss jar, she has a bottle of Jack
And she can walkaway from a car wreck and not look back
They call her crazy because they’re afraid of her confidence
And she never says maybe ‘cos she’d rather move on with it
Her lawlessness is her common sense
Gravity gets lost when her sanity walks off the cliff
And I’ve been to the bottom with her
She sacrificed her mind climbin’ out instead’a me havin’ to help to lift her

Break-ups aren’t convenient as relationships
And she’s mastered the art of not taken shit
Weathered by disappointments and bad boyfriends
She bends for no one, her back is jointless
And her spine, like the pillar of the Ottoman Empire
Can split a smile while her eyes set fire
An uncommon goddess, unattainable as the wind
Speaks her words like a promise, not a thang to gain or give

Wields her fists like bricks, gunshots don’t make her flinch
Eyes that hath no end, I never know where to begin
Track Name: Know Me Now
What it is- what it do-
What it ain’t- ‘sup to you
What’s the point and the proof-
Give’em hell- make’em move
Make’em run- make’em fly-
Make’em fall out the sky
Make’em love- make’em fight- yeaaaaaahhhhh
This ain’t a game y ou could play
This ain’t a face you can paint
This ain’t a style you can take
This ain’t ya savin’ grace
I don’t care
I don’t care
I don’t care if you don’t care
Snatch your life and sunshine out the air
I get it now
I get it now
What goes down comes back up
See me smile, while on the ground
‘Cos this is far from done
All the king’s men and king’s sweat
Couldn’t hold a sparkler to my set
You don’t wanna mess
With a mess
Ain’t afraid of ya name
Ain’t afraid of ya flame
Consequence ain’t a thang-
Paint it white, red, blue, black, pink
Color of the feelin’ and the empty space inbetween
What it seems
What it seems
May not be what it seems
Snatch your life and your rainbows
Out your dreams


See the shine glow from a broken light bulb
See the grass grow from the cracks in sidewalks
Got a problem, and I don’t want to fix it
Nothin’ wrong with nothin’ that’s right with this
See the shine glow from a broken light bulb
See the grass grow from the cracks in sidewalks
Got a problem, and I don’t want to fix it
Nothin’ wrong with nothin’ that’s right with this

Know me now
Know me now
Know me now
Know me now

Keep it cool- keep it calm-
Keep it true- keep it on-
Keep it you- keep it comin’-
Keep it tall
Are you sure why you came
Are you sure what’s at stake
You’re ‘bout two words away
From settin’ off the flames
Seen’em come- seen’em go-
Seen’em jump- seen’em float-
Seen’em sink rock bottom
In a good boat
Can’t complain if ya take
Half ya gave-
Ain’t got time to feel shame
For a couple rules and heads ya break

Track Name: North Philadelphia, North Minneapolis
Runnin’ like a parkin’ meter on its last minute
At the point ya just can’t tell how much is left in it
You could run this village down to the grain
Tie it up in handcuffs, but the color doesn’t fade
Or answer to your highness, lights and sirens
Drillin’ the surface to find another Osiris
Criminal minded or survivalist
This ain’t the East, South, West or North side of it

This is just lopsided math
This is the other side of the badge
This is the other side of the badge
I said this is the other side of the badge
Your lieutenant gots a band vendetta
Slams the office door twice a mornin’, I think he’s fed up
Rookies on the squad just don’t seem to let up
And the DA’s back on the bottle with Celexa

Shoot’s the afternoon at the range with a Stella
Kill’s a few brain cells, drains the beretta
Tries to forget it, so goes the city
Ghetto gorgeous, but ain’t a damn thing pretty
So enormous that can’t a damn frame fit it
Some try and hold it, but they can’t lift
Threatenin’ to jump off the curb again
Shiiiit, it ain’t nothin’ but an urban ledge- it goes

Church is closed and the time for prayer is over
Brother, I don’t understand what ya waitin’ for
They gonna reach for their piece ‘for your reachin’ Jesus
Your lord ain’t the one in charge
Ooooooh, yes it’s on
It’s all about what ya can’t afford
This is survivin’
My, my, my

Born unadorned, against the wall, underneath a storm
Baby, don’t blame nobody for defendin’ what they call home
Holdin’ a gun up against the law

So, it goes simple
As full names and info get blown, exposed and swindled
Through the wire shootin’ fire, barterin’ with souls
Makes me wanna throw the fuckin’ kitchen sink out the window
Still in limbo, they’re still on patrol
You’re in the middle of a building tryin’ to build a home
And it’s irony entirely the building is owned
You’re doin’ everything you can between a ceiling and floor

Maybe home isn’t the place to bleed the cash just to sleep in
Dreamin’ of just the feelin’ to walk the kingdom
Maybe it’s the hole in the floor you wake up to and ask the question,
“Where the hell’s it all headed?
How much longer can we walk in this war without sweatin’,
Holdin’ a weapon as our only leverage?”
Our chest’s holdin’ our hearts in a deadlift
No objective- Just death and acceptance

Either your patience is runnin’ paper thin with rough edges
Or life is just a rough draft without the edit
Whatever. Kids are gettin’ shot before high school
A low-income life lost, but what was it to you?
What was it to you?
What was it to you?
What was it to you?
What was it to you?
What was it to you?
What was it to you?
I’m walkin’ twilight
In a blind fight
Might be your law
But it ain’t mine
Eric Floyd seemed to got the drop on your boys
You say he better run, but runnin’ ain’t a choice
Get smart, drop the gun, let’em claim a coward
This side of the equation been runnin’ since the Mayflower
Nobody ain’t about to wait for your approval
Before they wipe the slate clean with blue stain removal
One cop, two cop, three cop, four cop
Got the whole squad kickin’ in the door knob

We say “hold up” to make time stretch
Countin’ cash or countin’ on a blind guess
Subsidized housin’, but it’s still high rent
Payments of innocence, time- payin’ with debt
Payin’ with childhoods, daylight, spray paint and sweat
Payin’ to death, but still paid no respect
Ghetto war veterans sittin’ still
Either waitin for a bus, or waitin’ for a miracle

I can hear the shrills, the prayers, affirmations
The conflict of stoplights and tires against the pavement
Broken safe nets and morals
Where no grand jury can tell between the Joes and the Cobras
Lock our hopes up, but we keep alive yet
For runnin’ so much you’d think we were destined for flyin’
Findin’ peace in a losin’ game
Believin’ in the water in a city of loose flames